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tv   CNN Newsroom  CNN  January 24, 2013 9:00am-11:00am PST

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who says that soccer is not a contact sport? i don't know if anybody says that. watch this kick. their most talented young player seen kicking that ball boy. look at how the ball boy reacts. chelsea wasn't having a good game. when the ball ended up underneath the ball boy, thud. ball boy got kicked. eden grabbed the ball. continued play. some say hazard is cool. hazards says no. that red card meant he was off the field for the antics. he did later apologize to the ball boy. i'm not sure the condition of the ball boy at this time. not fair. not fun either. >> here is incredible video. that is an ak. and you are looking right into it. houston area police officer staring right in front of him
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coming under fire during a bank robby turned police chase. shots fired. jeepers. dash camfootage of those rounds hitting the cruiser. the police officer was hurt badly. he was hit in the head, the arm. this video now coming to light because of the trial of the guy who did this. police officer is okay now. this chase happened two years ago. that is what it is like to be one of your bravest. nice to have you. "newsroom" continues now. >> we are taking you around the world in 60 minutes. we begin with nuclear threats against the united states. north korea announced plans to test more nuclekes and more lon range rocket launches.
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north korea's defense commission calls america the sworn enemy of the korean people. i want to get straight to new york. >> the words are very threatening. it is very incredible to hear them directly threaten united states in that way just ahead of what they say will be another nuclear test. what i'm hearing and what analysts are saying is that is probably how one would have expected them to react. it comes just a day after yet more u.s. action and u.n. action at the security council and more sanction action. most people believe this is not a threat of attacking the united states but certainly the words are threatening to the united states. they say analysts that this is north korea's way of trying to deter any further action from the international community. and that they have no capacity
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to invade in terms of long range missiles to reach the u.s. it is a serious issue if they do test any kind of nuclear war head or any kind of nuclear device. >> you were in north korea. you witnessed them blowing up a cooling tower in 2008. what do you make of today's announcements? does it look like to you and we are showing viewers some pictures, does it look like they are going backwards, that they are not making the progress that they at least seem to show you just a couple of years ago? >> well, you know it is now nearly five years ago and that is an eternity in relations between north korea and the united states and the rest of the international community. back then these pictures were absolutely dramatic. the access we had into the nuclear plant which is where i am right there and looking at the fuel rods and being there at a time when they had better relations and had an on going
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negotiation within the time of the george bush administration and they were going to hold their production there. and we watched them saran wrap all that goes into plutonium and the purification of nuclear material. and then they invited us back a few months later to watch them blowing up this signature cooling tower at that plant. everything then went backwards. it happened. it coincided with kim jung il's illness. the international community wants more talks to happen. this new leader, kim jung il's son is according to analysts trying to prove himself on the international stage so a lot of it is rhetoric. every time they make a test it shows sanctions aren't doing what they hope they will do.
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>> i want to switch gears if i can here. you were there with many of the world leaders. you had a chance to speak with david cameron about the economic struggles taking place in europe and the united states. and i'm wondering because there are so many e.u. trips that i have been on with the bush administration and the obama administration where they blame the united states for bringing down the rest of the world when it comes to its state of the economy. it looks like now things are almost reversed in a way. tell us about your conversation with cameron. >> when i interviewed prime minister cameron here in new york and he was sort of in the lion's den because he had thrown down the gauntlet with this speech about britain's position in the european union. britain is not fully in in terms of it is not part of the eurozone. it doesn't have the euro but in many aspects it is in and it is a full member. united states depends on britain
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for the very strong role in international affairs. it helps all over the place whether in trying to confront iran, syria and north korea with sanctions and plays a big role whether afghanistan, iraq. david cameron is saying we like our foreign role. we like you and our economic role in the e.u. but we don't want to be a part of your political role. he is trying to negotiate a half in/half out role for the u.k. that is very concerning to the u.s. because he has raised the stakes by saying he would put it to the british people in the referendum. if they vote to get out of the e.u. that could fundamentally change that relationship. >> let's listen to a little bit of your interview there. >> you see all the economic turmoil in europe. you see it over here, as well, in the u.s., the rambling over
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the fiscal cliff. it seems to be endless economic uncertainty. >> president obama and i have agreed that different countries should take different pathways according to circumstances and america is a reserve currency country. everybody knows over time the deficit has to be brought down and difficult decisions will have to be taken. our experience is you can take people with you as you take difficult decisions but it is a very tough and hard road but it is a road we all have to travel. in the end we have to prove that we can pay our way in the world and our credit is good. it is not the only way that you will get growth. it is part of what we need to bring the world economy back to healthy growth. i think the biggest thing that britain and america can do together is work on the e.u./u.s. trade deal. if we got together and lib
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ruatized trade we could make both our people a lot better off. >> the take away real quick? >> the take away is that david cameron hopes to be able to renegotiate britain's role in the e.u. to have a little bit what he wants and to try to make that the platform to convince britains to vote yes in a renegotiated e.u. position. the take is the united states wants them to stay a member. britain is playing yet another pivotal role in a shaky and uncertain future. >> thank you. good to see you as always. one of the longest held policies in the united states military is now ending. women in the u.s. armed forces will no longer be banned from jobs that may put them in direct
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on the ground front line combat. that means infantry and specialops units. defense secretary leon panetta making the announcement official. that will happen in the next hour. barbara starr, the black berry e-mail went buzzing at the same time. it was quite surprising for this. we know that this has been an on going struggle, if you will, for some women fighting for this. but for this to happen, did it surprise you, as well? >> i think inside military circles this had all been afoot for some time. they were conducting some trial runs, if you will, seeing if women could pass some of the physical fitness courses that would be required. the marines had two women washed out. so not a huge surprise. and you have to remember panetta is about to leave office.
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he wants to get this done before he goes. >> the reaction so far? i know a lot of of course female, those in the military very happy and somewhat surprised by this. is that the uniform reaction to this? >> i think that most people in the military think it is inevitable that this step would be taken but there is a wide range of opinion. i have heard from military women this morning who are very concerned that they don't think this is going to work out. it could take years to make it all happen. i want to play sound from congress woman of hawaii. she is a veteran of iraq. she was asked about this earlier this morning on cnn. she had interesting things to say. >> we are talking about highly trained professionals, people who build our strong military because they place the mission first and they are there to fight as a member of a team. all of the other things that differentiate us and make us unique whether gender or race or
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religion, all of these things fall aside when you are there putting the mission first and selflessly serving as that member of a team. i can tell you from my my first hand experience that whether in training or deployed setting those things are not what's crossing your mind when you are operating. >> but make no mistake when she talked about gender there, what women will have to do to join these front line units is pass the same standards of physical fitness, scholastic, it will all have to be the same as the men. this will be gender neutral. >> do we know how quickly this will happen? >> the pentagon says they want to have an implementation process and get it done by 2016. there is still a big outclause on all of this. the services, military units could say at the end of the day they want an exemption and they
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don't think they can have women in the units. you hear the same issues, personal hygiene, can women pass the physical requirements, all of this still on the table. so panetta knows and chuck hagel was supporting him. they know they have to do this somewhat gradually. >> thank you. appreciate it. this guy, diplomatic trouble shooter, decorated war veteran john kerry on top to be america's top diplomat. the senate foreign relations committee is holding a hearing on the nomination to become secretary of state. kerry talked about how his military experience in vietnam has shaped his views. >> i want all of us to keep in our minds as i think we do the extraordinary men and women in uniform who are on the front lines even as we meet here
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today. the troops at war who helped protect america i can pledge to you that as a veteran of war i will always carry the consequence for our decisions in my mind and be grateful that we have such extraordinary people to back us up. >> want to bring in our foreign affairs correspondent. kerry it seems like is ready made for the job. this is something where he got the nod after you had susan rice withdrawing her own nomination from consideration. this is someone who has wanted something more than a senate seat for quite some time. >> yes he has. when you say ta made for the job. president assad of syria told me and that is kind of the tone that we have had. he has rubbed shoulders, talked with, influenced most of the
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world leaders. that is why he is -- people would argue a very good fit for this job. at one moment or throughout this hearing it really sounded like what he does every day as chairman of the foreign relations committee. there was a moment a couple of minutes ago, however, where that subject of benghazi came up. the same senator, senator johnson who got into it with secretary clinton yesterday sort of got into it with senator kerry. senator kerry said you are not going to get day light between me and secretary clinton right here and stood up for what she has been saying that she is and he will be totally transparent and work with the committee. one other moment on the personal side. there was a moment where he mentioned that really the state department is in his blood. that was a reference to his
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father who was a foreign service officer. let's listen to what senator kerry said. >> if you confirm me i would take office as secretary, proud that the senate is in my blood. but equally proud that so, too, is the foreign service. my father's work under presidents both democrat and republican took me and my siblings around the world for a personal journey that brought home the sacrifices and the commitment the men and women in the foreign service make every day on behalf of america. >> so he has a huge plate ahead of him with issues and one of the biggest you have to say is going to be the arab spring countries and the zone of instability in that region. it is a very, very big challenge. he called it a huge upheaval.
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>> thank you. appreciate it. just ahead on "newsroom" the other midwest, northeast now experiencing snow and subzero temperatures now the same cold front about to give the deep south a real taste of winter. slippery roads in russia resulting in a close call with death. we are seeing this colony of emperor penguins in antarctica. we will talk to the man who helped make this discovery.
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millions of folks from north dakota to maine are enduring a third straight day of brutal temperatures. we are talking about wind chill temperatures to 85 degrees below 0 in mt. washington, new hampshire. it makes negative 22 look balmy in long lake. this is where susan candiotti is. >> reporter: talk about a double whammy. new yorkers who made minimum home repairs after superstorm sandy may not have enough heat. >> we are freezing here. >> reporter: one reason warming centers are springing up in cold weather cities giving the most vulnerable young and old some relief. >> i haven't had hot water and heat for three days. yesterday a little bit of heat
9:20 am
came on. the only heat we got was in the bathroom. >> reporter: in syracuse a heavy down fall lowering visibility giving snow blowers a workout making it tough for postal carriers to get from house to house. >> hopefully the drive way will be plowed. >> reporter: in iowa city, iowa 1 degree below zero. extra blankets needed to keep the cement floors warm. >> it is a stressful environment. we are trying to keep them as comfortable. >> reporter: outside pittsburgh when a water main broke single digit temperature turned gushing water into a sheet of ice. skimming across the ice at speeds of up to 60 miles per hour in what looks like a mini kayak with a sail. for those who have to work outside --
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>> as long as i bundle up i am good. >> reporter: maybe the best way to get by is thinking hot. >> key largo is a great place this time of year. >> how are you doing out there? 19 degrees i understand in new york? >> reporter: that's right with a wind chill of about 8. they have set up warming centers here in new york city because it is very serious, this cold for those who are vulnerable, the very young and very old. if you are hearty enough to come out you have a lot of people out here taking photographs of the fountain here in bryant park where -- because they think it looks cool to get this effect, they have heaters which keep the pipes warm and allow them to keep it flowing. you see the effect. nice icicles.
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you have to make sure to put the layers on if you are going to stay out for a while. >> we know three folks have died from this cold. what are they recommending for people? sometimes you have to be outside. >> that's right. of course, the best bet is to stay indoors. the shelters are very important for people who cannot stand it or do not have enough heat in their house. if you are coming out make sure you have the layers on and make sure they always recommend to check on elderly neighbors in particular to make sure they are okay when you have a cold snap like this. >> thanks for bringing me the elements there. try to stay warm if you can. the cold spreading parts of the southeast are about to get hit by sleet and snow. chad myers, all things weather. this is a big one. >> it is not a big one. it only takes this much ice to make it a big one here. what is going to happen overnight is across the southeast it is almost below 32.
9:23 am
this sleet will start to come down, freezing rain will roll through nashville before the sunrise tomorrow and into knoxville and chattanooga. we are worried about a little bit of moisture running through the cold air. it doesn't take a lot to put a glaze on a roadway. it has been cold here and also cold across parts of europe. this is the international show. all the way across northern europe record amounts of snow put down. they have shoveling and shivering like we are. it is a warmer day in london up to 36. that is balmy for what they have been seeing. >> this is great britain. this is chimps who are at a sanctuary in wales all bundled up there in blankets. they were served hot tea, as well. how cold is it? this poor little chimp.
9:24 am
>> you can see the snow on the ground. it has been cold. temperatures were down to about 17 fahrenheit. they have warmed up to 37. maybe they think that is like a tea party. they are warming up now. still for them it is cold. >> us being in the south here what are we faced with this afternoon? >> atlanta proper i don't think will be a problem. we are going to see problems in nashville, knoxville and maybe memphis. the ice could be maybe a quarter of an inch. you get that on the roadway and schools will be shut down. wake up a few minutes early because you will need the extra time for sure. >> it is a big deal in the south. thank you. appreciate it. they are witnesses to suffering, a high level u.s. delegation visiting a syrian refugee camp in turkey. we will get a look at what they hope to accomplish. all waking u. connecting to the global phenomenon
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we call the internet of everything. ♪ it's going to be amazing. and exciting. and maybe, most remarkably, not that far away. we're going to wake the world up. and watch, with eyes wide, as it gets to work. cisco. tomorrow starts here.
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this new influx is adding to about 350,000 syrian refugees in jordan. now aid groups are warning of a prolonged humanitarian crisis. they are calling on the international community to step up with donations to try to help care for the refugees. officials estimating about 600,000 syrians are seeking refuge. they have been crossing the borders in droves since fighting started almost two years ago. i want to bring in to talk about some of the refugees getting a visit from a delegation of senior u.s. officials who are headed by the american ambassador. what do we know about the mission? >> the mission is a fact finding mission. the united states is pledging some money to help this refugee situation not be as catastrophic on a humanitarian level as it is becoming. when you look at the numbers.
9:29 am
we are talking 3,000 people a day passing from southern syria into jordan. syria is a country of 23 million people. if you add all of the internally displaced and all those expected to flee over the next several months you are talking 5% of the population of this country is in some way affected by the civil war going on there. if you apply that to the u.s. population, that is 15 million people. it gives you an idea of the magnitude of the crisis. >> it doesn't look like it is going to end soon. is there an effort that folks are going to stay in the neighboring countries or get back to syria? >> they all want to go back home. nobody chooses the life that some of these individuals have to endure. just over the last two days two children have died because there
9:30 am
is medical care but not medical care for children who have illnesses, preexisting illnesses that they carried with them from syria to the camps. there is not enough money pledged. a small fraction of the money that the u.n. and other organizations need to help care for the refugees has been pledged. >> ambassador we learned informationt about assad's family. >> we have learned rumors that assad's mother has fled to dubai. robert ford has told our team in turkey that she is in dubai. she has learned her daughter. she is now in the united arab emirates and said the spokesperson for the foreign
9:31 am
ministry has fled to the u.s. there were reports that he was here. robert ford is saying he is. when asked is he working with the u.s. government robert ford answered no he is not. i think he is a refugee. >> when the president's own mother leaves the country that signifies things are not good for him. >> the uae seems happy to welcome the family of bashar al assad as they flee. definitely an interesting development in terms of assad's own family and his mother who has been rumored over the last several months since the civil war began to be the one encouraging him to crack down more forcefully. she is the widow of bashar al assad's father. the announcement that women will have the right to fight. we will take a look at one unit in georgia that is ready to go. u the mvp of savings. look at that price. wow!
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we are waiting for defense secretary leon panetta announ
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announcing major changefelt he is lifting the ban on women serving in direct combat units. women have been in wars for decades as fighter pilots. this will open up military jobs for women on the grounds. this is tech sergeant jefferson's worst nightmare. taking on enemy fire and a comrade goes down. as an air force medic jefferson has been training for this moment for months. >> get him on the vehicle. >> within minutes the injured airman is bandaged up and moved out of harm's way. >> this isn't afghanistan but it soon will be for jefferson's squad. in a matter of weeks they will be on the front lines of battle
9:36 am
in afghanistan and they are ready. >> i really felt like the warrior medic that i have seen in the movies. >> reporter: when her squadron is called her jefferson and the other women in the group will fight along side the men. >> the females do everything the men do, sometimes even better. >> reporter: they are members of the 820th base defense group. from air assault to ground combat the group does it all and that includes the women. they're medics, intelligence offic officers, police officers and their current mission -- >> to be combat ready group. >> unlike the rest of the air force we get to go outside the wire. >> we have approximately 730 individuals assigned to our team. 99 of which are women. each and everyone of our mission sets across the group are open to every individual that we have assigned here regardless of gender and regardless of race.
9:37 am
>> reporter: until this week this opportunity was allowed only for the air force. but with secretary of defense leon panetta lifting the ban that kept women from serving in front line combat positions all military women will be there fighting side by side with men. >> we have four different air force combat medal recipients, three purple heart recipients as well as three different ladies entered into the wounded warrior program. across the board as individuals they all perform superbly. >> it is amazing what you can do when the adrenalin is pumping. you turn into superwoman. >> defense secretary leon panetta making the formal announcement about 1:30 eastern time. of course, you can see it live here on cnn. we are also following the u.s. economy as the rest of the world. more than 2,000 government and
9:38 am
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48 world leaders, 2,000 executives are gathered at the beautiful ski esort in switzerland to deal with issues just like spain's. it is a brain storming session.
9:41 am
this year the leaders are more pe pessimistic about the economy. they say huge gaps in wealth, biggest risks to the world economy right now. the slashing of public sector jobs. the cutbacks have left 36 million people out of work. they want to talk about the american economy. richard, i know there is a sense of pessimism here. do they have any idea or ideas in getting together in terms of how to improve the american economy moving forward this year? >> reporter: oh, yes. lots of ideas. the question is whether now is the time to implement them and the inability seemingly as they see here for the u.s. political system to actually accommodate them. on the question of which is more serious at the moment the eurozone crisis in 2013 or the
9:42 am
u.s. budget crisis, most people seem to still say europe is the bigger worry. that is except for howard lutnic, the chief executive of the brokerage. i asked him what he thought the rest of the u.s. >> the republican party who is elected to control the congress the same time as obama was elected are going to cross their arms and they are not going to raise the debt ceiling ultimately unless they get severe spending cuts and the obama administration is not going to give it to them. and you are going to watch the u.s. do crazy, crazy things this year. >> if you are right on those crazy, crazy things, then the rest of us are in for a dreadful, dread full time? >> dreadful. it is going to be so strange for the richest country on earth to cross their arms and say i'm not
9:43 am
paying. imagine crossing your arms. you are going to see it this year. >> reporter: now, we have been asking our guests here for the riskometer. on this side we have is the u.s. a bigger threat to global growth in 2013. on this side the e.u. lutnic thinks the u.s. is by far the bigger. as you look overall most people still seem to believe europe is the biggest threat in 2013. by the way, speet tweet me wher think the biggest threat is. >> very official looking. did you make that yourself? >> don't you mock it? it works and it is doing a good job. >> we will have people tweet you
9:44 am
and see what they feel about all of this but a lot of power players weighing in on whether or not there is greater risk here or where you are. stay warm. humans now making their first contact with a newly discovered colony of penguins in the antarctica. we will talk to one of three people on the planet who found them and took these beautiful pictures. on, so i used my citi thankyou card to pick up some accessories. a new belt. some nylons. and what girl wouldn't need new shoes? and with all the points i've been earning, i was able to get us a flight to our favorite climbing spot even on a holiday weekend. ♪ things are definitely looking up. [ male announcer ] with no blackout dates, you can use your citi thankyou points to travel whenever you want. visit to apply. to travel whenever you want. you know it can be hard to lbreathe, and how that feels.e, copd includes chronic bronchitis and emphysema.
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this is my favorite story. scientists have now discovered 9,000 emperor penguins in the antarctic. three researchers were the first people to make contact with this penguin colony last month. they found them while they were studying ice. the leader of the international research team is stationed at the research station near the penguin colony. he joins us via skype from antarctica. you are looking good. you look cold, too. you were one of the three people to actually see and visit these penguins. you discovered them. they are like four feet tall.
9:48 am
this is like the largest species ever. what was it like? >> it was quite amazing because it has been seven years that i am going around on the huge territory around the coast. i used to meet lots of penguins and i was wondering where it could be. so a study from the survey by satellite indicates to me that it was on the east of where we were operating. so i spent quite a lot of time to try to get them this year. it was in the middle of the night we found the place. and so we just went down to discover this absolutely amazing animal. it was -- for me who used to spend so many years on the ice it was just a strong moment. i mean it was amazing.
9:49 am
>> do they greet you? were they friendly? what happened when you saw them and they saw you? >> well, they are strange to humans. they are not scared. i am the first human they have ever saw. i was among them almost. i'm going around, counting them and trying to -- these animals are really, really amazing. so it is interesting because it shows that the satellite could really help us to try to monitor this area. especially now with climate change it is something we are very concerned about. >> and was there anything that surprised you when you saw these huge penguins who you had never seen before? >> i was surprised. three quarters of the population were chicks which means that despite the global warming this
9:50 am
colony is a very good breeding size and growing. maybe more than 9,000. i didn't spend more than five or six hours with them. so twe will study that in the future and be in contact with the scientists to try to study them a bit more. it is fantastic because you know that there are no nights. it was the middle of the night but with the sun behind the clouds and all of this atmosphere it is another planet. it is definitely another planet. >> i understand it gets like 76 degrees below 0 where you are and you literally have to dig and crawl to get to those penguins. how did you manage to do that? >> well, i mean, i spent more
9:51 am
than seven years of my life on the ice so it is like being at home for me. i did lots of expeditions. i just like it. i can't explain that. i just like the cold. ask and you have to stay modest, prudent and just try to find your way. >> what happens next now? do you keep going back and forth? do you revisit these guys? i'm assuming that they live in their natural habitat and you will try to protect them. >> it will be next year in november or december. now mid january they are spending their time on ice around antarctica for two months before coming back to the breeding site. now the current site is empty. we are going to have to wait for the next season. >> great to see you. great to see those amazing pictures and congratulations.
9:52 am
that is a lot of work. great effort on your discovery. really great to see. thank you. this year is going to mark the 50th anniversary of the assassination of president john kennedy. now the family will be auctioning off rare files and photos of jfk.
9:53 am
9:54 am
battle against islamest
9:55 am
militants focusing on mahli where extremists have launched an aggressive fight. secretary hillary clinton addressed this yesterday during her testimony on the attack in benghazi. >> benghazi did not happen in a vacuum. the arab revolutions have scrambled dynamics and shattered security forces across the region. instability has created an expanding safe haven for terrorists who look to extend their influence and plot further attacks of the kind we just saw last week in algeria. >> france is leading the international effort against militantsa mahli. we have details on some of the horrors done by those who have
9:56 am
taken law and twisted it into something unimaginable. >> reporter: a flogging in a public square this month. this man's crime, he dared smoke a cigarette. islamist militants setting an example for the hundreds of thousands in mahli still living under their rule. they work as truck drivers when militants overran the town the men were thrown in prison accused of stealing. after three months he says the jailers dragged them from their cells by their feet, tied turbines around their wrists and began to hack off their hands. i prefer dying to being like this he says. my hand hurts. high heart hurts. i only have god to turn to. so the man says the pain was terrible. it was the only thing i could feel. now they say unable to earn a
9:57 am
living and they wander from house to house, their lives, they say are over. he was a radio journalist who spoke out against punishment. each time they want to do something barbaric i put out a call to people on the radio and they responded he told us. i denounced them he said. he was brutally beaten by armed militants can and left to die. he escaped to the capitol. he has been warned if he tries to return he will be killed so he is staying with another refug refugee. he shows us around. he points to certificates from u.s. special forces when they were in training missions in mahli. they stayed at his hotels, now destroyed by islamists who
9:58 am
browed him an american kwaub rater and asked where his american friends are. americans started to train the army and now the army needs them. they should finish what they started. there are hundreds of thousands of displaced. they fled north and are trying to get by in camps. a resident told us when they declared it everybody panicked, christians, muslims, everybody fled. a human being is like an animal you slaurt, he told us. it may not look like it but the displaced families here are the lucky ones. as this conflict escalates they are warning of a disaster. tens of thousands of people are
9:59 am
trapped and out of reach, the other side of the front line. french combat helicopters fly overhead prompting cheers to below. to the people here french forces represent the only hope of defeating the islamists and allowing them to return home. before copd...
10:00 am
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10:02 am
a few minutes the secretary of defense is going to dramatically change the american military landscape. leon panetta about to announce that he is killing the policy that prevents women from serving in direct combat. here is chris warrant. >> reporter: army infantry and special ops. on thursday they all open to women for the first time. the pentagon is eliminating its ban on women in combat but there is a catch. did you know today's army would be so different? >> no. >> reporter: staff sergeant deployed three times to iraq and afghanistan and became one of the first medics to work directly with special operations forces. >> in future deployments that unit has taken several females down there. >> reporter: the navy opened submarine duty to women. female engagement teams walk foot patrols with combat units.
10:03 am
all jobs won't open immediately. sources say the services have to assess each job and unit to see if and when it would be feasible to be integrated. a senior defense official says certain special ops or infantry units may ask the secretary for an exemption and congress will have to be notified of each job that opens up before it takes effect. it is a stark contrast to how the pentagon entered the sclugz exclusion of gays serving openly. a defense official told cnn it is the difference between personal behavior and physical ability. he said gay troops were already in units whereas women will be going into some for the first time but many in uniform and on
10:04 am
capitol hill say females on the front lines will hurt, not help, the military. >> to have women serving in infantry could impair the mission task of the units. that has been proven in study after study just from a matter. it is nature. upper body strength and physical movements and speed and endurance and so forth. >> chris lawrence is joining us from the pentagon. is this something that could happen right away for women? >> no. basically the services have until about the middle of may to get back to the secretary with the initial assessment. there is about 50,000 jobs that are closed due to the unit. women are already attached to these units as medics and logistics, truck drivers bought the unit is designated a combat unit.
10:05 am
some of the more complex tasks that they will have to dig into are really the front line infantry troops, specific jobs and special operations. >> one thing we keep hearing is whether or not women are physically capable and if there are certain jobs on the front lines in combat, whether orrer not they can handle that. how does the pentagon respond? >> it is a good question. what they are looking for is gender neutrality. the physical fitness test is one thing but being able to do a job they are saying is something else. in other words, a senior marine corps official said if you want to be a tanker in the marine corps you have to be able to load the tank mount. it weighs 50 pounds. you have to do everything possible in a small confined space to do that. they are not going to compromise on the basic skills you need to do a job. he said where there may be flexibility is do you need to be
10:06 am
able to run x number of miles at exactly this many minutes and seconds? that may be up for debate. what the marine corps is going to do is get 400 men and 400 women and run through physical tasks, real jobs that take physical strength. they are going to see how that comes out. from there they will be able to see where these standards need to be. >> we are waiting for the secretary's official announcement happening in about 20 minutes away. on capitol hill there is a new push to ban assault weapons almost six weeks after the shooting rampage that took place in newtown, connecticut. senator dianne feinstein announced new legislation to impose a ban on military-style guns. on display next to them several
10:07 am
weapons that would be banned under the bill including semi-automatic rifles like the one used in newtown shooting. feinstein's measure would also limit ammunition magazines to ten rounds or less. she insists the bill will not affect hunters. >> it will not affect hunting or sporting firearms. the bill protects hunters and sports men by protecting 2,200 specifically named weapons used for hunting or sporting purposes. >> feinstein's measure is an update to the assault weapons ban that she introduced in 1994 and expired ten years later. this measure is expected to face some pretty strong opposition in congress, as well. he is a diplomatic trouble shooter and distinguished senator. john kerry is on track to become america's next top diplomat.
10:08 am
today the senate foreign relation's committee began a hearing on the nomination to become secretary of state. senator ron johnson brought up the terrorist attack that he and secretary clinton fought over yesterday. >> it makes a difference whether or not the american people have the confidence that the president and the administration is being truthful with them. so i guess my question is, do you agree with that point? are you willing to work with me or do you agree with hillary clinton that that is yesterday's news and let's move on? >> well, senator, if you are trying to get day light between me and secretary clinton that is not going to happen here today on that score. but i think you are not -- i think you are talking past each other. i don't think that was the question. i think that if your question is should the american people get the truth and does it matter? hillary clinton would say yes
10:09 am
and i say yes. >> kerry's nomination has support from democrats and republicans. he was introduced by the new democratic senator from massachusetts, elizabeth warren and republican senator john mccain. president obama's second term barely underway. a lot of political buzz about 2016 and the next presidential election and some of the things happening fuelling that buzz. you have hillary clinton's testimony about the terrorist attack in benghazi, libya adding to the speculation about whether or not she is going to run. some consider clint's five hour confrontation as a sign of things to come. and then you have vice president joe biden shaking hands, jogging along the parade route after the inauguration, was he trying to show he is pretty fit enough to be president in four years? joining us to talk about all of this anna navarra and larry, the
10:10 am
director for the center for paul acs at the university of virginia. larry, i want to start off with you. a lot of people say we might be seeing a preview of 2016. folks i have talked to say bill clinton making sure there are no barack obamas around the corner, clearing the way for his wife. can you see any signs? can you read the tea leaves? >> i think people aren't throwing things at the television sets with us talking about 2016. it is going on behind the scenes and hillary clinton obviously is a heavy front runner to be the democratic nominee in 2016 if she wants it. sometimes a person leaves a very intense period in public life and goes into private life and says i would be nuts to get back
10:11 am
into the kinds of schedules that she has been keeping. so we'll have to see. if she doesn't run it opens the door to joe biden and governor cuomo of new york and governor maly of maryland and who knows who else? >> and i want you to see this. this is an editorial in the los angeles times here. you have hillary clinton emerging from these hearings that we saw stronger than ever. you see it showing them throwing tomatoes at her. the republicans saying you guys will have to improve your aim before 2016. what do you make of her fiery appearance before the republicans in the way she responded? >> she was a pro. i was at the hearing yesterday, the senate foreign relations hearing. she knew who to engage with and what questions to deflect. she did not get into it with mccain. i think the approval ratings you
10:12 am
are seeing for hillary clinton is because she has transcended politics. she has been secretary of state, a states woman working and we all see she has worked herself into the point of exhaustion on behalf of our country. once you come back into the political fray and you are opining on divisive political issueatize iss it is a complete different ball game. >> it is physically demanding. anna talks about the travel she does. she was traveling the world. she has everything covered here. but she is going to be 69 years old in 2016. that was the same age of ronald reagan when he was elected. if joe biden were elected he would be the oldest elected. >> you can't avoid that issue. they have answers to it and certainly hillary clinton would
10:13 am
because there is precedents with ronald reagan and dwight eisenhower. i think it would be more difficult for joe biden. i wouldn't say it is an insurmountable obstacle. >> i want to go to republicans 2016. i wonder if this was a slip. senator rand paul going after hillary clinton. >> and i have been president at the time and i found you did not read the cables. i would have relieved you of your post. i think it is inexcusable. >> is he following in his father's foot steps? >> i think it was not a slip of the tongue. i think you saw the making of the 2016 republican primary political commercial. it was very well received by the republican base, by the tea party. marco rubio is on the same senate foreign relations
10:14 am
committee and had a very different tone and different question. i think he very smartly decided he did not want the narrative to be a 2016 hillary versus rubio. he wanted it to be about the substance. >> good to see you both. larry, sorry i mispronounced your name. thank you. forgive me. appreciate it. hillary clinton might say hello again soon. take a look at hillary clinton throughout the years. and here is what else we are working on this hour. >> all this cold weather may have you looking for ways to warm up. but before you try swigging a beer consider this. having alcohol in your system can increase your chances of hypothermia. plus a new report says binge drinking can cause more liver and brain damage than casual drinking. manti ta'o is speaking out and the women he thought was
10:15 am
connectic ke kekua speaks out. we hear from one lawmaker taking the matter into her own hands. her plan to curb gun violence. this is "newsroom" and it is happening now. [ male announcer ] truth is theraflu doesn't treat your cough. what? [ male announcer ] it doesn't have a cough suppressant. great. [ male announcer ] alka-seltzer plus severe cold and flu fights your worst flu symptoms, plus that cough with a fast acting cough suppressant. [ sighs ] thanks!... [ male announcer ] you're welcome. that's the cold truth! [ male announcer ] alka-seltzer plus. ♪ oh what a relief it is! ♪ [ male announcer ] to learn more about the cold truth and save $1 visit alka-seltzer on facebook.
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10:17 am
it was four years ago this week that hillary clinton took a journey. randi kaye takes a look at the
10:18 am
highs and lows of clinton's life professional and personal. >> reporter: this is not the first time hillary clinton seemed to say good bye. >> i am determined to leave the state department and our country safer, stronger and more secure. >> reporter: when you knew she would be back to say hello. >> she launched herself back in the days of the nerdy circular glasses. she and bill clinton met and fell in love at yale. in 1974 she moved to arkansas to teach making partner at the rose law firm five years later. she kept working after her husband was elected governor of arkansas. she would become the first first lady to do so. >> i suppose i could have stayed and baked cookies and made tea. >> this health security card will represent a right of every citizen and it will give each of us the security of knowing we will be taken care of when we
10:19 am
need help. >> reporter: her health care initiative came crashing down in 1994. her high visibility came at a cost. but the superwoman learned to steel herself in the face of repeated controversy. there was the unexplained suicide of white house council and questions about the clinton's white water land deal. >> i did not have sexual relations with that woman. >> reporter: the affair and the house vote after that to impeach her husband threatened to derail team clinton. hillary ran for congress and was elected senator from new york with 56% of the vote. she became the first first lady to enter congress. and in 2007 another first. >> when people tell me, you know, i don't think a woman can be elected president. i say i don't believe that but we are going to find out. >> reporter: she became hillary
10:20 am
like cher. it was independence. hillary never backed down. >> shame on you, barack obama. >> reporter: even when campaigning got ugly. not long after that clinton welled up at the new hampshire diner and ran away with the primary, another victory. in the end she conceded, wrapping up her historic presidential bid. >> although we weren't able to shatter that highest, hardest glass ceiling this time. >> reporter: her compassion persists the man she was trying to beat. the former first lady and senator from new york would become madam secretary in 2009. yet now a million air miles. >> 60,000 plus people all over the world, 275 posts.
10:21 am
>> testifying about who knew what when in light of the attack on the compound. if history is any guide hillary clinton may emerge unscathed once again and reinvent herself. and of course we have all seen her reinvent herself over the years. this goes back 20 years because i started covering her when i was a reporter in little rock, arkansas in 1993. and i watched her go through white water and the questions about the suicide. she never backed down. you notice how even when the hits keep coming she gets up, dusts herself up and goes right back at it again. >> i started covering her pick up to the affair. i was there when they had the iconic photo, the image of chelsea holding both their hands. i was covering that a little bit. they did not talk to us at all during that period. you know i had a chance to
10:22 am
travel with her to africa and russia. she is one of the people where the cameras come on and there is definitely a facade. take the cameras away, very warm, very friend ely. we'll see what happened in the next four years. 2016 what do you think? >> i think the thing is she wouldn't want this testifying and being grilled by the senators on capitol hill to be our last impression of her on the national stage. you have to wonder will she do something else? those close to her told cnn she is laughing off the speculation and this will be done on her time table and she will make this decision which is true hillary fashion. >> she will be doing push ups and ready for 2016. that is my prediction. >> not that much. >> thank you so much. >> excellent perspective. they were locked away in the home of david powers, a former adviser to john f. kennedy.
10:23 am
this collection of rare pictures is going on the auction block next month. the sale marks the 50th anniversary of the assassination and powers had kept these so-called camelot treasures to himself throughout much of his life. now you get to see them. last week he admitted to doping. this week he faces the fallout. people reading the best selling books about cycling are now suing. the mvp of savings. look at that price. wow! walmart lowers thousands of prices every week. if you find a lower advertised price, they'll match it at the register. no way! yeah! touchdown! ady? get out! that's the walmart low price guarantee! see for yourself! bring in your last receipt, see how much you can save. see for yourself! get great prices on everything you need for your game time party. like oreo cookies and kellogg's special k popcorn chips backed by walmart's low price guarantee. ♪
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10:25 am
for years the word yes helped lance armstrong win races. last week in an interview it was that simple word that brought his entire career to a screeching halt.
10:26 am
>> yes or no. did you ever take banned substances to enhance your cycling performance? >> yes. >> yes or no? was one of those banned subsentences epo? >> yes. >> did you ever blood dope or use blood transfusions to enhance your cycling performance? >> yes. >> did you ever use any other banned substances like testosterone, cortisone or human growth hormone? >> yes. >> so the fallout from his doping confession is just the beginning. two people filed a class action lawsuit against him. the suit claims armstrong and his publicist lied about his best seller "it's not about the bike." the suit did not specify how much they are seeking but does ask armstrong to cover damages, attorney's fees and expenses of costs. could be the first of many lawsuits.
10:27 am
manti ta'o says he lied. the star linebacker told katie couric that he was the victim of a hoax but he does admit that he continued the story of his girlfriend's death even after someone posing as her called him last month. >> my story, i felt was a guy who in times of hardship and in times of trial really held strong to his faith and family. i felt that that was my story. >> even if that hardship was perhaps exaggerated? >> no. what i went through was real. the feelings, the pain, the sorrow, that was all real. >> now the woman whose picture was used in the online hoax has come forward. diane o'meara told anderson cooper that she never met ta'o and never knew her photo was being used.
10:28 am
>> how does that feel? >> it is unnerving and frustrating. when i see the photos and when i see how they have been exposed all over the media, it is hard. i mean, the fact is this doesn't just happen to me. granted, this is a very unique situation that involves mass media but this happens every day. >> so now that manti ta'o has spoken, are there new insights about the hoax. wolf blitzer will look up what is next 4 p.m. later tonight manti ta'o's former coach will be speaking out, as well, at 7 p.m. you are looking at mt. washington, new hampshire. the temperature is negative 22 degrees. if the cold weather has ways to warm up. you may think twice before chugging a beer. having alcohol in your system
10:29 am
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10:32 am
subfreezing temperatures hitting much of the northern united states has killed now at
10:33 am
least three people. some of the victims might have had alcohol or drugs in their system which could have contributed to their deaths elizabeeliz cowan joins us. it is a much bigger problem. >> i think people think i'll drink to warm up. you have heard people say that. and the reason why you feel that way is when you drink blood flushes to your skin so you actually do feel warmer. that is what happens. however, when the blood is flushing to yoir skin it is not going to your vital organs. if you are drinking in regular temperatures it is not a big deal. if you are drinking and it is extremely cold and the blood is going to your skin it is a problem. one compounds upon the other. >> talk about another problem. we are talking about smoking. there is a new study that says women are smoking like men.
10:34 am
>> that is not a good thing. women are smoking more like men which means women are smoking more cigarettes per day and starting at a younger age which is more like a man. >> this day and age? >> the messages have got out and fewer people are smoking but the concern is that the women who are smoking are smoking more like men so you see death rates becoming more like male death rates. looking at women who smoked in the 1960s they were three times more likely to die compared to women who didn't smoke. in the 2000s they are 26 times more likely to die. >> is there any way -- a lot of people try to quit and they do quit. do they lessen their chance? is there a cutoff where i am no longer at risk for all of the things that makes smoking so bad? >> i suppose if you are 120 it wouldn't matter.
10:35 am
it does matter. quitting really works. if you quit between the ages of 25 and 34 you are going to add ten more years to your life than if you hadn't quit. as you can see the numbers go down as you get older. it is better to quick younger than older. you will add more years to your life if you quit. >> there is scientific research to back it. u might as well. >> i hear people say i have been smoking my life i'm 50. what is the point? there is a point because you will likely live longer than if you idn't. >> gave all the smokers a push. >> their lungs will thank them for it. we have been waiting for secretary of defense leon panetta to announce the lift on >> h been to remove as many barriers as possible for talented and qualified people to be able to serve this country in
10:36 am
uniform. our nation was built on the premise of the citizen soldier. in our democracy i believe it is the responsibility of every citizen to protect the nation. and every citizen who can meet the qualifications of service should have that opportunity. to that end i have been working closely with general dempsey and the joint chiefs of staff who have been working for well over a year to examine how can we expand the opportunities for women in the armed services. it's clear to all of us that women are contributing in unprecedented ways to the military's mission of defending the nation. women represent 15% of the force
10:37 am
over 200,000. they are serving in a growing number of critical roles on and off the battlefield. the fact is that they have become an integral part of our ability to perform our mission. for more than a decade of war they have demonstrated courage and skill and patriotism. 152 women in uniform have died serving this nation in iraq and afghanistan. female service members have faced the reality of combat, proven their willingness to fight and to die to defend their fellow americans. however, many military
10:38 am
positions, particularly in ground combat units still remain close to women because of the 1994 direct ground combat definition and assignment rule. military and civilian leaders of this department have been taking a hard look at that rule based on the experiences of the last decade. in early 2012 we announced the series of modifications to that rule which opened up more than 14,000 new positions to women including positions that were co-located with ground combat units and certain positions below the battalion level. these changes have been implemented and the experience has been very positive.
10:39 am
every time i visited the war zone, every time i have met with troops, reviewed military operations and talked to wounded warriors i have been impressed with the fact that everyone, men and women alike, everyone is committed to doing the job. they're fighting and they are dying together. and the time has come for our policies to recognize that reality. the chairman of the joint chiefs of staff and i believe that we must open up service opportunities for women as fully as possible. and therefore today general dempsey and i are pleased to announce that we are eliminating
10:40 am
the direct ground combat exclusion rule for women. and we are moving forward with a plan to eliminate all unnecessary gender-based barriers to service. in a few moments after we speak we will both sign a memo that will resend the '94 barrier. our purpose is to ensure that the mission is carried out by the best qualified and the most capable service members regardless of gender and regardless of creed and believes. if members of our military can meet the qualifications for a job -- let me be clear. i'm not talking about reducing the qualifications for the job. if they can meet the qualifications for the job then they should have the right to serve regardless of creed or
10:41 am
color or gender or sexual orientation. having conducted an extensive review the joint chiefs of staff have developed an approach to integrating women into occupations across the force. i strongly agree with their guiding principles and the mile stones that they propose. we are all committed to implementing this change without compromising readiness or morale or war fighting capabilities. positions will be open to women following service reviews using the joint chief's guiding principles and following congressional notification procedures established by law. for this change in policy to succeed it must be done in a responsible, measured and coherent way.
10:42 am
i'll let general dempsey describe our plan of action in greater detail. the bottom line is that further integration of women will occur expeditiously even as we recognize the need to take time to institutionalize changes of this importance. the steps we are now announcing today are significant and in many ways they are an affirmation of where we have been heading as a department for more than ten years. nevertheless, it will take leadership and it will take professionalism to effectively implement these changes. i am confident in our ability to do that because i am confident in the leadership that general dempsey and the joint chiefs of staff have demonstrated
10:43 am
throughout this process. this has truly been a team effort and i deeply admire the extremely thorough and considerate approach that they have taken. i want to express my deepest thanks to marty dempsey for his leadership and all of the service chiefs who have been working on this issue. as a group came forward with the recommendation that we are implementing today. >> i want to talk to somebody who has a very personal perspective. that is william. she is an arabic linguist who wrote her memory about her time in uniform. give me your reaction. >> i am almost overcome with emotion. this is a tremendous validation of my experiences and what so many hundreds of thousands of american women have gone through
10:44 am
serving with honor and distinction. >> why was this so important to you? >> when i first got back from iraq i had people ask me if i was allowed to carry a gun because i was just a girl which showed me how much misunderstanding there was about the roles women are playing on combat today. i went on foot patrols. we took small arms fire. my commander in chief said there are no women in combat. it felt like a betrayal of everything that we had been through and the women who had died and been taken prisoner of war and been severely wounded. to see this change coming today, this announcement by secretary panetta validates our experiences, service, sacrifice and tremendous hard work, honor and integrity. >> we are seeing amazing pictures of you in action. a lot of things people ask, they
10:45 am
say is it possible that women would be able to physically do the same job as men in the front lines. how do you respond to that? >> women have been doing the same jobs in many ways for the past decade. the other important thing to remember is that while it is true that not all women can do all of the requirements, neither can all men. the important thing here is to make sure that the right people are in the right jobs and that anybody who has the qualifications can serve in whatever position they are best suited for. >> respond also, this is something that people have been debating for quite some time now about the potential of putting women in danger if they are in a combat position to be taken advantage of whether some sort of sexual assault or something else. how do you respond to people who say that that puts women in a more vulnerable position for that to happen? >> i would say this ignores the
10:46 am
reality that women are already out there as medics, doing military intelligence work like i did and in so many roles we are there. there aren't front lines. we are there already. in terms of the fact that women can experience sexual assault, of course that is a tragic reality but we mustn't pretend that men cannot be sexual assaulted. >> congratulations. i know this is a very important moment for you and for so many women that serve our country in the military. a missouri lawmaker wants parents to tell the schools if they own guns. is this a violation of privacy or a smart way to track and keep track of the weapons?
10:47 am
10:48 am
10:49 am
fight for gun control is expanding far beyond the nation's capitol. a state senator is proposing a law that would hold parnlts accountable if they had a gun in the home. a parent of a child would have to notify the school if they have a gun. the parent would be charged with a misdemeanorer if they recklessly store the firearm so the child can get access and bring it to school and will be charged with a felony if the child injures or kills a person with it. first of all, why focus on the parents? give us a sense of why you have decided that is the way you want to go on this? >> let me tell you one thing. i live in one of the urban cities of america. and what we have been
10:50 am
experiencing is a large number of youth either burglarizing homes or getting involved in gangs. some of these parents actually know that their children are committing these crimes. so i wanted to address this issue head on. i think that every single child's life is valuable and not one child's life is more valuable than another. and so i did want to put some accountability into the hands of parents. let me tell you what happened right before we had connecticut. we had in nigh school district where i serve as a school board member we had a 12 year old kill a 12 year old. after connecticut we had a 17 year old kill another 17 year old. so i wanted to address the issue. >> it is a tragic situation happening. i know there are parents reacting to this new proposal of yours and i want you to listen. >> it concerns me a bit because
10:51 am
i think the parents that would have no problem registering their guns aren't the ones you have to worry about. >> maybe the student obtaining a weapon. >> i understand what they are trying to do but making us notify them if we have guns is not going to deter the behavior, what makes people do what they do with guns. >> what do you make of that? the parents seem to be peeved that this is a violation of privacy. why do they have to tell you whether or not they own a gun. if they are responsible people, they are responsible people and parents. they don't have to say anything. it's not your business. >> absolutely i understand where the parents are coming from. here's the deal. one of the parent who is has a gun may be a victim of a burglary. if that gun is stolen, it has nothing to do with the parent, but that gun is now in the illegal possession of a person who is not the owner of it. if there is a crime that is committed, we just want to make
10:52 am
sure that that owner is exempt from anything happening. at the same time the school district has the opportunity to encourage and also educate parents on safe keeping of their guns. that's what they are trying to do is raise the consciousness of people and let them know that anyone can be impacted by this at all. the 12-year-old who was killed by another 12-year-old, grandpa left the gun out. >> i understand certainly. it's a tragic situation and we will be following the story to see how far it goes to see if you have the support you need to push it through in your community. the state senator, thank you very much. >> new jersey mayor corey booker has a new project. it's actually a jewelry line and what this is all made of is that's the strange thing about the story. we will explain that, next. i tried weight loss plans... but their shakes aren't always made for people with diabetes.
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designer jewelry is being fashioned and seized by police or turned in with the buy back programs. the line is called the caliber collection. some of the proceeds are going charity. ben cain of affiliate wfsb has more on how this all started. >> jewelry for a cause began with inexpensive jewelry they can buy and sell as fund-raising tools.
10:56 am
>> we're worked with over 300 schools and a couple of retail lines sold in stores across the u.s. >> a portion of the profits go to organizations like the alzheimer's foundation and the red cross. >> it's so wonderful because people feel really good making these purchases. it's jewelry that sparkles with good intentions. >> recently they began the caliber collections making bracelets taken from the streets of newark to symbolize guns and gun violence off streets. >> where there is a shell casing, there was once a bullet. i thought it was an important part of the story. we have illegal guns and a crime scene and shell casings on the ground. >> orders are coming in from people committed to the cause and others who have been the victims of violence. >> people who have had destruction in their lives due to illegal guns and they are also really proud to wear this as a symbol of support and
10:57 am
comfort. >> the bracelets come packaged in evidence bags to drive home. they carry the serial numbers from confiscated guns. >> it's not just another piece of jewelry, but a message. >> 20% of the proceeds from the caliber collection is backed to fund gun buy back programs. we have donated $20,000 to the newark police department and after six weeks of sales. >> of the thousands of e-mails she has gotten, virtual lie none have been negative. >> they are feeling like they are wearing a symbol that change can happen. it's not the only answer. it's just something that i can do. >> you are looking at a license plate ordered but never created. why one man is saying that the state of georgia refused to make his plate because it is considered what they call profane. see, i figured low testosterone would decrease my sex drive...
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